*Note: You can stop, or re-watch any video if you need to see something other, or if the tutorial is moving too quickly.*


Logging in:
Changing chapter number (at the top of the page):
Remove “Under Construction” page:
Remove page redirect (this is for chapters that have a preexisting website):


Creating / Managing Pages


Creating a new page:
Deleting a page:
Change page name:
Set/Change front page:


Creating / Managing Content (Basic)


Adding text to a page:–jZM-wk
Aligning text:
Make text bold:
Making text italicized:
Create headings:
Create links (in text):


Adding Media


Uploading media:
Inserting media onto the page:


Social Media


Create social media buttons:
Add social media buttons to the body of the page:
Add social media buttons to the main (top) navigation bar: