Who We Are

Our Mission

The mission of the Military Order of the Purple Heart is to foster an environment of goodwill and camaraderie among combat wounded veterans, promote patriotism, support necessary legislative initiatives, and most importantly, provide service to all veterans and their families.


Our members are Combat Wounded Veterans who are dedicated to our country and our veteran community.

We endeavor to do better for each other and by each other always.


Chartered by Congress for combat wounded Veterans. The Purple Heart is composed of military men and women who received the Purple Heart Medal for wounds suffered in combat or by an act of international terrorism.. Although our membership is restricted to the combat wounded, we support all veterans and their families with a myriad of nation-wide programs by Chapters and National Service Officers.

The Objects of the Order


By Patriotism we mean true allegiance to the government of the Unites States of America and fidelity to its Constitution and Laws. Patriotism is devotion to our Country which demands that we do our utmost to make our home, our city, our state, and our nation a better place in which to live. In time of emergency we must give all we have to loyalty, service, savings, and sacrifice in the defense of Country and Flag.



Fraternity requires that we attend all meetings of our Chapter if at all possible, to keep alive our contacts with fellow Patriots, to aid in the deliberations, and to offer suggestion for the good of the Order. Fraternity means a kindly impulse towards all Patriots, a cheerful smile, and a firm handclasp of loyal friendship. It also means that we cooperate with other veteran, patriotic, and civic organizations in worthy objectives.


Our aim is to keep alive the memory and achievements of our Country’s founders and to ever cherish the memory of General George Washington, who instituted the Purple Heart on August 7, 1782, at Newburgh-on-the-Hudson in the State of New York.



The Educational Objectives of our Order are based solidly on the “Faith of our Fathers”, reverence to God, and loyalty to Country. We advocate the teaching and influencing of our youth and new citizens in a loyal appreciation of the heritage of American Citizenship with its responsibilities, as well as its rights and privileges.