Becoming a Member


Required with application

Veteran Applicant
  1. DD214 Member-4 or Service-2 with Purple Heart Award AND Honorable or General discharge, OR
  2. DD215 (if Purple Heart Award, Honorable or General discharge is not on DD214), supported by DD214, OR
  3.  AGO 53-55 or General Orders of the award of he Purple Heart (Certificates showing the award of the Purple Heart Medal are not accepted.)
Active Duty Applicant

Provide PCS Orders and General Orders of the award of he Purple Heart.  (Certificates showing the award of the Purple Heart Medal are not accepted.) 

* Make sure all documents are COMPLETE and LEGIBLE.


Register Online
(Registration occurs on the MOPH National website)

Download Application
(Follow the instructions on the form and send it to
5413-B Backlick Road, Springfield, VA 22151)

Levels of Involvement


The chapter level is where most members are active. Members generally attend monthly meetings (depending on the chapter) at chapters within the closest proximity to their homes.

Each chapter decides where and how they want to engage with their communities, and all have their own way of bettering the lives of their fellow veterans. 


Members of the department, known as the D.E.C. (Department Executive Committee), are elected each year at an annual convention.  These members are chosen throughout the state of Arizona. 

The department serves to help the chapters operate in accordance with the bylaws of the Military Order of the Purple Heart, and gives the state’s members a voice at the national level.


Similar to the department, members on the national level are elected and serve as the N.E.C. (National Executive Committee).  These members are chosen from throughout the United States (including Guam and Puerto Rico).

These members are responsible for overseeing all MOPH entities, congressional legislation, veteran advocacy, and service programs.